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General Information

Admission To the Philippines

The admission of foreigners for entry into the Philippines is governed by the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, along with related regulations administered and enforced by agents of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

A visa is an endorsement made by a qualified Philippine consular officer on a travel document or passport, signifying that the foreign traveler has the necessary qualifications to proceed to the Philippines, and that the holder’s documents in support of his/her travel have been properly examined.

The decision whether a foreign traveler can be allowed entry into the Philippines rests solely upon Philippine Immigration authorities at the various ports of entry, as the admission of foreign nationals is a function of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and not of the visa-issuing officer.

The visa thus issued at a Philippine consular establishment is not a guarantee that the foreign traveler will be admitted into the Philippines.

Entry of Foreign Travelers Below Fifteen Years of Age

Foreign minor children under fifteen years of age, travelling to the Philippines unaccompanied by or not coming to a parent, are not allowed to enter the Philippines under Section 29(a)(12) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940.

In order to be excluded from this provision, either parent of the child (or the child’s legal guardian) must execute a legal document (affidavit) giving consent that the child will be travelling to the Philippines either alone, or accompanied by a duly appointed travel companion, along with information on the child’s place of residence while in the Philippines, and with whom the child will be staying (if applicable).

This affidavit will then be submitted to Philippine port authorities upon arrival in the Philippines in order to secure a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) for the minor child, regardless if the child needs an entry visa or not.

Please read the details regarding this waiver by clicking this link: (WEG)


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