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Petition For Inclusion of Dependent/s Under RA 9225

If the principal applicant already applied for dual citizenship and failed to include his/her dependent child/ren in the application, he/she may file a petition for inclusion of dependent children who are under 18 years of age and unmarried.


  1. Duly accomplished Petition for Inclusion of Dependents Application Form;
  2. One (1) Original and two (2) photocopy of Petitioner’s Dual Citizenship papers (Oath of Allegiance, Identification Certificate, and Approval Order);
  3. Two (2) pieces of dependent child’s 2″ x 2″ photograph with white background taken 3 months before the date of application;
  4. One (1) piece of principal’s 2″ x 2″ photograph with white background taken 3 months before the date of application;
  5. Original and two (2) photocopy of dependent child’s birth certificate;
  6. Two (2) photocopies of dependent child’s valid foreign passport bio-page; and
  7. Two (2) photocopies of petitioner’s valid passport bio-page.

The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional documents from the applicant. 

Next steps after Issuance of Dual Citizenship Papers

Principal Applicant and Dependent Child*
*Dependent Child born to Filipino parent/s and became naturalized citizen of another country.
(Optional) Apply for Philippine passport.

As a dual citizen, it is not mandatory to apply for a Philippine passport.  You may use your foreign passport when travelling to the Philippines. You simply have to present your dual documents to the Philippine Immigration Officer as proof of Philippine citizenship, per the Bureau of Immigration’s Operation Order No. SBM-2014-045 dated 30 September 2014 which is in force and still in effect.  Incoming Filipinos may present a valid PHL passport, Identification Certificate or a Certificate of Re-acquisition / Retention of Philippine Citizenship to be admitted as Filipino citizens.

Individuals who have just retained/reacquired their Philippine citizenship and who wish to apply for a Philippine passport will need to make a separate application.

Requirements for application for a new passport may be found here: https://tokyo.philembassy.net/consular-section/services/passport/#nav-cat. To secure an appointment for passport application, visit www.passport.gov.ph.

For Dependent Child**

**Born in the US/foreign country whose parents were already US citizens/citizens of another country at the time of child’s birth.


Report the birth to the appropriate Philippine Embassy/Consulate which has jurisdiction over the place of birth.

Please visit https://tokyo.philembassy.net/consular-section/services/civil-registration/report-of-birth-rob/#nav-cat for information about requirements and procedure in reporting the birth.


Apply for a Philippine Passport

The child is eligible to apply for a Philippine passport immediately after reporting the birth to the appropriate Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

Please visit https://tokyo.philembassy.net/consular-section/services/passport/#nav-cat for information about requirements and procedure in applying for Philippine passport.