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  9. Declaration of Philippine Citizenship


Filipino citizens, of legal age (18 years and above), who are required to submit a certificate of nationality may execute a Declaration of Philippine Citizenship.

The Declaration will need to be notarized by the Philippine Embassy prior to its submission to the concerned government office in Japan.


  1. Confirmed online appointment for NOTARIAL SERVICES:
  2. Personal appearance of the applicant/affiant;
  3. Two (2) duly accomplished declaration forms; (click here to download form)
  4. PSA-issued Certificate of Live Birth (original and two copies);
  5. Valid Philippine passport (original and two copies of the data/bio page);
  6. Self-addressed JPY 520 Japan Post letter pack; and
  7. Fees:
    1. ¥3,500 for regular processing (release of notarized document is after 3 working days from date of filing)
    2. Additional ¥1,400 for expedite processing (release of notarized document is on the next working day from the date of filing)