Youngest Voter in Tokyo Casts his Vote

Eighteen years old and Senior High School student Neil Ceasar Ryan A. Molina is the youngest voter in Tokyo.

The Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI) in Tokyo recorded the youngest overseas voter in Tokyo who has cast his vote on 23 April 2016 for the 2016 National Elections. Eighteen (18) years old Neil Ceasar Ryan A. Molina left his house at 11:00 in the morning and travelled by public transportation for 1 ½ hours to reach the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo to personally cast his vote for the first time in his life.

When asked of his experience, Ryan said he was happy to have participated in the political exercise and observed that the voting procedure from the time he arrived at the Embassy until he casts his vote was very orderly and went through without delay. Ryan said, “My single vote may be a deciding factor in shaping the future of the Philippines. I read news and watched political debates online to know the candidates better of their platforms, advocacies, and programs.” Ryan confidently said that he was prepared when he went to the Embassy to cast his vote. He called on the youth to cast their votes wisely for the future of the country.

Born in Quezon City, Ryan was only nine (9) years old when his mother brought him to Japan in 2006. Ryan went back and forth to the Philippines and has stayed in Japan since 2010. He spent his early education both in the Philippines and Japan. Now a senior high school student in Tokyo, Ryan dreams of becoming either French or Japanese Chef in the future.

Ryan is among the 20,363 registered overseas voters in Tokyo. For the 2016 National Elections, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo is implementing the Automated Election System (AES) allowing the registered overseas voters to cast their votes either by postal or personal voting. End.