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Philippine Products Sold at the Ikebana International Charity Fair 2023

Philippine products were featured and put on sale at the Ikebana International Charity Fair on 12 December 2023 at the Royal Park Hotel. The Philippine table showcased various Filipiniana handicrafts for personal or home use, the best-seller Philippine dried mangoes, calamansi and mango fruit juices, among others.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado graced the event as Honorary President of Ikebana International. In her speech, she recalled that Ikebana which was historically initiated as a bridge of friendship between Japan and the United States, has transcended into “an intricate web of friendship” between Japan and other countries. She ended her remarks by expressing hope that the Ikebana message of “Friendship of flowers is a message of Peace” lives on.

Princess Takamado also took the opportunity to visit all the Embassy tables, including the Philippine Embassy, where she bought a bag made of Philippine abaca.

Proceeds of the sales were donated to the Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter to support its various charity projects in 2024.