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Philippine Embassy Organizes Financial Empowerment Seminar for Filipino Women

Department of Finance Undersecretary and Chief Economist Domini SD. Velazquez delivers a presentation at a Financial Empowerment Seminar held on 23 June 2024 at the Philippine Embassy in Japan.

TOKYO, 24 June 2024 – The Philippine Embassy in Japan, in partnership with the Migrant Workers’ Office (MWO)- OWWA-Tokyo Office and the Department of Finance (DOF), organized a seminar on financial empowerment for Filipino women entitled “Women’s Role: Wealth and Wais Women” on 23 June 2024 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Embassy.

During his welcome remarks on behalf of Ambassador Mylene J. Garcia-Albano, First Secretary and Consul Alvin C. Malasig emphasized that the seminar was conducted under the auspices of the Gender and Development (GAD) Program. He noted that this initiative aligns with the Embassy’s overarching goal of empowering Filipino women in Japan and highlighting women’s issues, particularly those related to inclusive development.

The seminar was conducted by Undersecretary and Chief Economist Domini SD. Velasquez of the Department of Finance, and Director Maura Lizza Espina of the Office of Asset Management Service of the DOF – Bureau of the Treasury.
The speakers focused on the importance of economic empowerment and financial planning throughout different life stages for women, who significantly contribute to household management. They underscored the need for women to gain financial literacy to make informed decisions and sound financial choices. The speakers also highlighted common types of scams and presented various investment opportunities.
For Ambassador Garcia-Albano, the first Filipino female Ambassador to Japan, the event signified the Embassy’s commitment to supporting the financial independence and empowerment of Filipino women. “Financial empowerment is a crucial step towards achieving gender equality and ensuring that women have the tools and knowledge to secure their future,” the Ambassador remarked.

In closing, the Embassy’s Welfare Officer, Mr. Geronico Herrera, encouraged the attendees to share the knowledge gained from the seminar, especially with Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in their communities who are preparing for their reintegration back home.

More than 50 community members, mostly women, attended the seminar.

Bureau of Treasury Director Maura Lizza Espina talks about investment opportunities for overseas Filipinos at a Financial Empowerment Seminar held on 23 June 2024 at the Philippine Embassy in Japan.

(L-R) Ms. Claire Kismet Diaz, Bureau of Treasury; Ms. Mariela Beatriz Obciana, Department of Finance; Ms. Cherry Mae Gonzales, Department of Finance; Undersecretary and Chief Economist Domini SD. Velasquez, Department of Finance; Director Maura Lizza Espina, Bureau of Treasury; Consul Alvin Malasig, Philippine Embassy in Japan; Mr. Ramon Lamberto Pastrana, Migrant Workers Office-Tokyo (MWO-Tokyo); and Mr. Geronico Herrera, MWO-Tokyo.

Group photo of the Philippine Embassy officials, led by Consul Alvin Malasig (seated 4th from right), Labor Attaché Ramon Lamberto Pastrana (seated 3rd from right) and Welfare Officer Geronico Herrera (seated 2nd from right), speakers Undersecretary Domini SD Velasquez and Director Maura Lizza Espina (seated 4th and 5th from left respectively), and attendees during the financial literacy seminar.  (Photo courtesy of MWO-OWWA Tokyo)

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