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NCMF Secretary Bursan-Lao Stresses Role of Women in the Mindanao Peace Process

20 June 2015, Tokyo -Secretary Yasmin Bursan-Lao of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos today emphasized the role of women in the success of the Mindanao  peace process.

In her presentation at the panel discussion on “Peacebuilding and Women and Children”, Sec. Bursan-Lao said women should be in the negotiation table and process. She added that the government should also be sensitized to open the door for women in the peace process.

Sec. Murad and MILF Chairman Al-Haj Murad Ibrahim were among the guest speakers at the “High-Level Seminar on Peacebuilding, National Reconciliation and Democratization in Asia” organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and supported by NHK and Yomiuri Shimbun.

In the light of the current challenges facing the peace process especially on the passage of the Bangsa Moro Basic Law, Sec. Bursan-Lao noted the need to develop a peace vote whereby women and children could play a key role. In this context, she said women play a dignified role in the decommissioning process.