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Isabela’s ‘Pancit Cabagan’ Featured at The Minato International Cultural Exhibition

Isabela’s “Pancit Cabagan”, a highly tasty noodle dish garnished with crunchy “lechon” (roasted pork) and boiled quail eggs originating from the town of Cabagan in the province of Isabela in the Philippines, is among the traditional dishes featured at the ongoing Minato International Cultural Exhibition in Roppongi Hills which will run until 06 February 2024.

This year’s exhibition entitled “Ambassador’s Favorite Traditional Food” also features the favorite dishes of other Ambassadors whose Embassies are located in Minato City.

The Minato International Cultural Exhibition is an annual project of the Global Community Planning Section of the Minato City Government, as one of the many avenues for the Minato Residents to appreciate the culture of other countries.