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AFSJ’s Paghayo sa Tagsibol: Filipino Graduates in Japan (Spring)

Philippine Embassy and the Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ)
Recognize 22 Filipino Graduates Through the “Paghayo sa Tagsibol” Program

The Philippine Embassy in cooperation with the Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ) congratulate the twenty-two (22) graduating Filipino students from various universities in Japan through AFSJ’s “Paghayo sa Tagsibol” Program.

Philippine Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Jose C. Laurel V, in his message to the graduates, expressed his appreciation to the “Spring 2011” graduates for living up to Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s vision that “The youth is the hope of our future” and cited their dedication, diligence, and hard work as innate Filipino values and attributes that make Filipinos indispensable in the world.

The Philippine Embassy gave Certificates of Recognition for the academic achievement of the following eight (8) PhDs, five (5) Master’s and two (2) bachelor degree holders, and seven (7) graduates of the Teachers Training Program:

AFSJ’s “Paghayo” program is a semi-annual event as an opportunity to acknowledge the academic achievements of Filipino students in Japan and to encourage more Filipino students to pursue higher education in Japan and overseas. (END)