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Vice President Sara Z. Duterte Attends The State Funeral For Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

27 September 2022 – Vice President Sara Z. Duterte attended the State Funeral for former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo in Tokyo as the Special Envoy of President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr.

Vice President Sara Duterte and the members of the Philippine delegation offer flowers at the State Funeral for former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

Together with distinguished Japanese government officials, including Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio, several world leaders, and former Heads of State and Government, Vice President Duterte paid tribute to the late former Prime Minister and to his very significant contributions to diplomacy. In a statement, the Vice President said “my attendance at the funeral is a demonstration of the Philippines’ recognition of and support for the contributions of the late Prime Minister in forging a strengthened strategic partnership between our two countries”.

The Vice President added, “I have a vivid memory of the late Prime Minister’s visit to Davao City. He will certainly be remembered by the Filipino people as a visionary leader, and a friend closer than a brother.”

Vice President Sara Duterte greets PM Kishida and other members of his Cabinet at the Akasaka Palace State Guest House, and conveyed the deep sympathy of President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. and of the nation

The funeral rites were followed by an evening greeting occasion of Prime Minister KISHIDA and Mme. ABE Akie, spouse of the late former Prime Minister, at the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace. Vice President Duterte conveyed to PM Kishida and to Mme. Abe how the late former PM was a dear friend of the Philippines, and whose legacy in strengthening Philippines-Japan relations would not be forgotten. She paid tribute to the late former PM Abe, saying that the current state of bilateral relations owed much to the late former PM’s visionary leadership and commitment in further strengthening the strategic ties.

She remembered the late former PM Abe as a close and personal friend of her father, both of whom worked closely and tirelessly for bilateral relations, and who enjoyed a deep camaraderie.