Simply Sarap

10 recipes in 10 weeks….

Learn how to cook simple, healthy, and delicious Filipino dishes with Chef Louise Mabulo starting 3 September 2020!

Catch Simply Sarap every Thursday, 12:00 Noon (Japan Time) at the official Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages of the DFA.

On the first episode of “Simply Sarap,” Chef Louise takes us on a trip to Camarines Sur where she introduces us to the history and flavor of “Chicken Tinutungan “ (Chicken Cooked in Toasted Coconut Milk), a classic dish of the Bicol region.

Bicol region, which is about 8-14 hours away from Manila by land, is home to the beautiful Mayon Volcano, famed for its perfect cone shape.

As a coconut-producing province, Bicol is historically considered a “coconut country” and it is evident in its local dishes which prominently uses coconut milk and chili peppers.


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