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President Aquino’s Message on the 114th Anniversary of Philippine Independence



It is my honor to greet my fellow Filipinos as we celebrate the 114th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence.

Once again, the Filipino people are writing a significant chapter in our history. Like all turning points in this narrative, this chapter is an outcome of collective will, manifested by our desire to fulfill our country’s great potential, as exhibited by the ability, creativity, and fortitude of the Filipino. Our patriots embodied these qualities in all of their undertakings, particularly in their greatest enterprise—the formation of this Republic. Today we also take inspirations from our countrymen who demonstrate passion, excellence, and integrity in their chosen fields, thereby carrying this legacy of solidarity and nationhood from our forefathers. As we celebrate our Independence, let it be our duty to reaffirm the values that have shaped and strengthened our nation, and to forge ahead in fulfillment of the destiny envisioned by our heroes.

Let us uphold the spirit of hope and confidence that complements the momentum of change in our time. May we also remain proud of our heritage and diversity, the foundations that distinguish our beloved Philippines. Inspired by the past we now commemorate, we move forward to establish a future that accords with our rightful place in the community of nations.



12 June 2012