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Philippine Entries Featured In The “At Home In Japan – Japan Through Diplomat’s Eyes 2020”

The “Japan through Diplomats’ Eyes” opened its photo exhibition on 6 October 2020. The exhibition will run from 6-11 October from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. at Roppongi Hills, Hills Cafe/ Space.

This year’s theme is “AT HOME IN JAPAN”. It is a reflection of the current global situation, COVID-19 pandemic, where governments request citizens to help fight this pandemic by staying at home. A total of 56 diplomats from 40 countries joined the exhibition.

(Philippine Participants: (L-R): Mr. Jose Juancho Perez, Mr. Timothy James Mortel, and Mr. Richard Roldan)

The following Philippine entries were featured in the exhibition:
1. “Tokyo Tech grounds” – Mr. Jose Juancho Perez, Attaché
2. “No movie screening” and “Playground is closed” – Mr. Richard Roldan
3. “Tokyo hyperscape” – Mr. Timothy James Mortel, spouse of an Attaché

(Photo entry of Mr. Perez, Mr. Roldan and Mr. Mortel respectively)

The event, “Japan through Diplomats’ Eyes”, is an annual photo exhibition open to the members diplomatic corps. The exhibition is an opportunity for diplomats based in Japan to share their unique perspective of Japan. It also served as a bridge for promote cultural exchanges with each other especially with the Japanese people.