Philippine Ambassador and Taheiyo President Cement Ties as Build, Build, Build Gains Momentum

Ambassador Laurel (right) and Mr. Masafumi (left) both shared their positive views on the Philippines.

President and Representative Director Mr. Masafumi Fushihara and executive officials of the Taheiyo Cement Corporation recently called on Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V to express his positive outlook on the Philippines as the company’s Philippine subsidiary, Taheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) is being developed as the Taheiyo’s base in Southeast Asia.

Ambassador Laurel remarked that through the Build, Build, Build program, the Philippine government is embarking on a massive infrastructure development in all regions of the Philippines, including in Marawi which currently undergoes rehabilitation. The booming economy bodes well for cement industries in the Philippines.

Located in Cebu, TCPI will celebrate its 20th anniversary of operations this year. Mr. Fushihara praised the Filipinos’ diligence and technical skills.– END