Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Maintains Its Long-established Relationship with the Philippines

Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V (center) met with officials from Honda Motor Co, Ltd.Assistant Manager Masahide Hirose (right) and Ms. Karen Okamoto (left).

Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V met with officials from Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Assistant Manager Masahide Hirose and Ms. Karen Okamoto, on 16 December 2020.

The Philippines and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. long-standing relationship that dates back in 1973. While Mariwasa-Distributors, Inc. was established in 1964, the joint venture agreement between Honda Motor Co., Ltd and Mariwasa-Distributors, Inc. was signed in May 1973, thereby establishing Mariwasa-Honda, Inc. The company’s name was changed from Mariwasa-Honda to Honda-Philippines, Inc. (HPI) in December 1983.

Assistant Manager Hirose expressed his appreciation for the Philippines’ patronage of its products. HPI maintains at the top of the Philippine motorcycles market, holding over one-third of the market share.

HPI also established a world class training facility in the Philippines, the Honda Safety Driving Center, which effectively combines highly-organized instructions for both automobile and motorcycle.

In pursuit of vehicle manufacturer’s obligation in effectively promoting road safety, the Center focuses on contributing to the Philippine society by creating a new generation of responsible road users through its offering of progressive road safety education programs to all. END

Ms. Okamoto providing Ambassador Laurel with the Honda Motorcycle Racing Calendar for 2021.