Handover Ceremony of Birds-4 Cube Satellites

Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V providing his remarks on the occasion of the BIRDS-4 Cube Satellite Handover Ceremony on 24 September 2020.

BIRDS-4 Project Manager Izrael Zenar Bautista explaining the perovskite solar cell for the BIRDS-4 satellites and will be measured using its In-orbit performance using a solar cell measurement unit inside the satellite.

Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V participated and provided his remarks during the BIRDS-4 Cube Satellite Handover Ceremony which was held on 24 September 2020.

In his message, the undersigned commended the BIRDS-4 Team’s hard work in developing and completing the flight models of the CubeSats and applauded the completion of the Philippines’ second CubeSat, Maya-2.

Amb. Laurel also acknowledged the participation of the Filipino members of the team through the support of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The Philippines will strive to continue its support to international cooperation on space programs, and look forward to further cooperation with Japan and Paraguay, as well as future activities under the BIRDS Project.

The Joint Global Multi-nation “BIRDS-4 Satellite Project” is a cross-border interdisciplinary CubeSat project hosted at Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan, in collaboration with the development of satellites of three (3) nations: the Maya-2 CubeSat of the Philippines, the GuaraniSat-1 CubeSat of Paraguay, and the Tsuru CubeSat of Japan.