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Fili XP: A Video Series Featuring the (Overseas) Filipino Experience

This coming holiday season, we are creating a project that will make us feel connected despite the distance.

“Fili XP” (Filipino Experience) is a collaboration between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Para Sa Sining that will be featuring narratives on notions of the Filipino identity, contemporary life of the overseas Filipino, and imagined futures motivated by individual & collective contributions of the global Filipino. The “Fili XP” project output is a performance-documentary film screening from December 18 to 25.

Join us, together with all our participating artists from the US, Australia, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, UK, and UAE, as we count down the days till the premier of our #FILICollab online performances!

Don’t miss out and stay updated by attending our #FILIXP Facebook event page here: https://fb.me/e/1hxkrviwn