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Tokyo PE Promotes Philippine Heritage Through Fashion

16 May 2019, Tokyo. In celebration of National Heritage Month, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo supported a trunk show at the American Tokyo Club showcasing high-end Philippine designer products.

Former Philippine fashion model Teresa Ortiz-Matera brought to Tokyo exquisite handbags, bomber jackets inspired by the traditional barong, fashion accessories and Filipino-inspired garments. Tessa, as Ms. Ortiz-Matera is fondly called, made sure that the products featured at the show showcase and honor the best of Filipino craftsmanship and history.

When asked what prompted her to bring Philippine-made fashion products to Tokyo, Tessa beamed, “We have been very happy with the stories of our clients of how wearing a ring by Joyce Makitalo or a bag by Rafe Totengco or Ken Samudio has gotten them many compliments.” Tessa also shared that she has always been supportive of local Filipino designers and artisans whose collections evoke the uniqueness of Philippine culture.

Before moving to Tokyo, Tessa was a well-sought model and columnist who covered lifestyle and fashion events in the Philippines. In 2017, she worked on a project featuring upcoming Filipino fashion designers in Tokyo and from the project came the idea of doing trunk shows which introduced Philippine designs to expatriates and Japanese nationals alike.

From left to right: Designer Espina’s “Bomberong”; Tessa Ortiz-Matera posing at the show; Earrings by Ken Samudio

Tokyo PE lauds the efforts of overseas Filipinos in Japan, who like Tessa, aim to create an appreciation and respect for Philippine culture and heritage.

The National Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the month of May to instill among Filipinos the importance of heritage as an integral part of our identity as a people.