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Philippine Embassy Congratulates Filipino Winners of ASEAN-Japan Centre’s “Golden Bridge Short Video Campaign”

The Philippine Embassy in Japan congratulates the Filipinos who won top prizes in the ASEAN-Japan Centre’s “Golden Bridge Short Video Campaign.” A Filipina who uses the social media handle “@mayumibesorio” won the Grand Prize for her video entitled “ASEAN-Japan: Answer to my Senbazuru.” Her winning video may be accessed through https://www.instagram.com/reel/CuHebN1Ne-5/?igshid=Y2I2MzMwZWM3ZA%3D%3D

Other winners from the Philippines include:

“Welcome to the Philippines, the captivating Pearl of the Orient” by @project.mikeithappen https://www.instagram.com/reel/CuE4X9iAwSC/?igshid=Y2I2MzMwZWM3ZA%3D%3D

“ASEAN – Japan: Moving Forward” by @jai_ro

“Golden Heart” by @japans2ries

The short video campaign aimed to inspire the people of the ASEAN Member States and Japan “to feel each other’s culture and spirituality through the videos, and to inspire and unite the people who will build the future of ASEAN and Japan and point the way to sustainable social development and the future.”

More information about the results of the “Golden Bridge Short Video Campaign” is available at: