Philippine Embassy in Japan Promotes Filipino Food Through “Eat’s More Fun In The Philippines” Online Campaign

Eat’s More Fun in the Philippines website with actor Mahiro Takasugi taking on the challenge to create three (3) Filipino dishes with singer/DJ Ms. Maria Theresa Gow.

As part of the promotion of Filipino Food, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo through its Tourism Section launched the Eat’s More Fun in the Philippines website endorsing three (3) famous dishes from the country: Chicken Adobo, Pork Sinigang, and Pancit Gisado. The project was made possible through the funding support from the ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC). The website may be accessed through

Three videos on how to cook Filipino dishes were uploaded on the website. The videos for Chicken Adobo and Pork Sinigang may be viewed through and, respectively, while the video for Pancit Gisado will be uploaded in due course.

Actor Mahiro Takasugi took on the challenge in creating these dishes together with Tokyo-based Singer/DJ Ms. Maria Theresa Gow. Mr. Takasugi is a famous Japanese actor while Ms. Gow is a half-Filipino, half-Scottish TV personality.

The campaign aims to encourage people to cook Filipino food and post photos in Instagram with the hashtag #HomeinthePhilippines. There will be a raffle for people who will participate in the said campaign. Prizes include round-trip ticket to Cebu, a suitcase, and a variety set of Filipino products.