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Message of Secretary Alan Peter S. Cayetano on the occasion of the 119th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence

12 June 2017

As we celebrate the 119th year of the declaration of Philippine independence, we remember the courage and struggle, the selfless sacrifice and heroism of our fellow Filipinos who fought for our freedom.

Filipinos are very spiritual people who believe that man was created equal with basic rights. It is in this spirit that our ancestors sacrificed their lives and their livelihood to secure independence for the Philippines.

Today we renew our hope and commitment to ensure that the sacrifices of our ancestors will not be wasted. We continue to value the sanctity of freedom and the spirit of democracy.

The president and his Administration are now working hard for us to continue our fight for independence, albeit a different kind of independence: freedom from poverty, freedom from crime, freedom from illegal drugs and freedom from corruption.

The President vowed to achieve this vision for the next generation of Filipino.

We are committed to end these perennial problems of society which have challenged our quest for law and order, and have threatened peace and security in every Filipino community.

And this effort is not only national but international. That is why President Rodrigo Roa Duterte continues to implement the constitutional mandate for an independent foreign policy: to build more bridges; to strengthen old valued partnerships and at the same time strengthen new relationships and build new partnerships.

The DFA will build, bridge, and build. So that the economic and infrastructure clusters of the Cabinet can Build Build and Build! Let us show the world that we are friends to all and enemy to none.

The men and women of the Department of Foreign Affairs urges us all to join hands and help the President accomplish his task by reigniting our passion to serve and commitment to build relationships.

Let us also remember the more than ten million Filipinos living and working abroad who work hard to liberate their families from hardship and give them better opportunities in life. The global Filipino indomitable spirit and character continue to make a difference wherever they are in the world.

As a nation, we Filipinos on bended knees implore the aid of Almighty god to guide us to maintain a just and humane society especially amidst the threats of international terrorism and transnational crimes. At the same time we stand tall as Filipinos as the Philippines is a responsible and respected member of the community of nations.

Mabuhay ang Kalayaan at ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

Secretary of Foreign Affairs