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Philippine Embassy Talks About The Philippines To Grade Six Students of Diasan Elementary School in Ome City Tokyo

The Philippine Embassy shared information about the Philippineswith 128 grade six students of the Daisan Elementary School in Ome City, Tokyo on 11 January 2024. The project was organized in coordination with the Children Meet Countries (CMC), a non-profit organization based in Tokyo.

During the one-hour-and-a-half event, the children took the opportunity to learn important facts about the Philippines’ geography,people, culture,cuisine, and the role of the Philippine Embassy in Japan.

Three (3) activity stations were setup to provide the students with interactive experiences of the Philippine culture through the traditional Filipino game “Sipa”;the exhibit of the traditional Filipiniana clothes of “baro’tsaya” and “barong”; and the introduction to the musical instruments “bandurria” and “octavina”by the Philippine Rondalla Tokyo (PRT).

The school’s Principal, Mr. Shinich Yagi, expressed his appreciation to the Embassy for the opportunity provided to the students to learn about the Philippines and its culture. He also expressed his observation and said,“The grade six students are usually well-behaved andquiet, but today they were not themselves. They enjoyed the activities and seemed so happy”.

Philippine canvas bags with tourism brochures and dried mangoes were distributed to the students, teachers, and officials of the CMC as tokens from the Philippine Embassy.