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Philippine Embassy Honors 16 Filipinos Graduating From Japanese Universities at the Paghayo sa Tagsibol 2024

The Philippine Embassy honored sixteen (16) Filipinos graduating in 2024 from various Japanese universities at the annual Paghayo sa Tagsibol ceremonies, which was held in hybrid format on 25 March 2024 at the Embassy’s multi-purpose hall. Many of the graduates were accompanied by their families and friends.

In her remarks, Philippine Ambassador to Japan Mylene J. Garcia-Albano, emphasized the important role of the graduates in the development of the Philippines. She noted her hope that the education the graduates acquired in Japanese universities has broadened the graduates’ “perspectives and enriched them with a great network of friends” who can be tapped for future opportunities and enrichment. The Ambassador also awarded the graduates with certificates of recognition.

The Embassy’s Labor Attaché Ramon Pastrana also took part in the program and provided the graduates with information on the updated and more streamlined work procedures for Filipino migrant workers in Japan.

During the event, AFSJ Alumni Alvin Christopher Varquez delivered a short inspirational message to the graduates based on his personal experiences. The batch representative, Ms. Kim Blessy Calunsag Apolinar recalled her “eureka” moment and how she was able to travel to Japan just before borders were closed due to the pandemic. AFSJ’s President John Andrew Kane Jovellana closed the program expressing AFSJ’s appreciation to the Philippine Ambassador for the Embassy’s warm accommodation and assistance to the AFSJ for many years.