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Children’s Week

The Philippine Embassy in Japan and Sentro-Rizal Tokyo join the nation in observing Children’s Week. This occasion is being observed on the fourth week of January each year pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation No 190, s. 1964.

In celebration of Children’s Week, watch modern adaptations of folk tales and literary classics that highlight Filipino values, presented by the NCCA and the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) with Sentro Rizal’s Children’s Stories for Overseas Filipinos. These are modern adaptation of folk tales and literary classics, which highlight Filipino values:

Search: Adarna – An adaptation of “Alamat ng Ibong Adarna”
Values: Family and Shared self

Florante: @Laura – An adaptation of Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura”
Values: Honesty, Integrity, and Love of our Country

The Adventures of Pilandok – An adaptation of three stories of Pilandok
Values: Resilience and Creative Excellence

Mystery of Lola Lulu and the Moon-eating Monster – Adapted from the Filipino folktale, “Bakunawa and the Seven Moons”
Values: Faith, Love, and Purpose