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Ambassador Garcia-Albano Presents Her Credentials to Palau President Surangel Whipps and Holds Wide-ranging Discussions on Areas of Cooperation

Ambassador Garcia-Albano hands her credentials to President Whipps

Ambassador Mylene Garcia-Albano presented her credentials to Palau President H.E. SurangelWhipps on 15 November 2023, at the President’s office in Koror. The ceremony was attended by officials of the Palau Government including traditional leaders, Senate Representative, the House of Delegates Representative, and Cabinet members.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano and President Whipps, together with the Philippine and Palau delegations for the presentation of credentials

Ambassador Garcia-Albano conveyed the warm wishes of President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos to President Whipps and to the Palau Government and leaders. She recalled the history of diplomatic relations of the two countries. She vowed to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation of the Philippines and Palau, and to build upon the strong foundation of the relationship to pursue new avenues of collaboration in education, health, foreign affairs consultations, agriculture, the blue economy, and sister city cooperation.

She highlighted how the Philippines, as a Pacific country, desires deeper regional engagement with Pacific island states in order to enable their collective voice to make a difference in the region and the world.

Most significantly, she highlighted the deep people-to-people connections of the two countries, thanking President Whipps and the Palau government for their hospitality in welcoming Filipinos. She observed how the direct flights between the two capitals are a great advantage in facilitating exchanges. She further noted plans to revive sister city relations of Davao and Koror to institute broader initiatives of friendship and mutual benefit.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano held substantive meetings with President Whipps and Minister of State Gustav Aitaro before the ceremony. The two sides agreed to look into sectors of cooperation and modalities by which sustained engagement can happen. President Whipps recalled meeting President Marcos briefly in Singapore in 2022 and looked forward to future engagements at Summit level.

President Whipps receives Ambassador Garcia-Albano and the Philippine delegation for discussions on areas of cooperation and explains Palau priorities for development

Ambassador Garcia-Albano greets Palau Vice President J. UduchSengebau-Senior

Ambassador Garcia-Albano makes representations with President Whipps and \ Paramount High Chief REKLAI Bao Ngirmang, Melkeok State.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano sits down with Palau Minister of State Aitaro for discussions and consultations

Among the many priorities President Whipps shared with Ambassador Garcia-Albano, he underlined the need to develop skilled workers, and recalled that many Palau officials were educated in the Philippines. In-depth discussions were held on educational exchanges, agriculture, fisheries and the economy, and the need to protect the oceans. He thanked the Philippines for understanding the importance of climate change, and underlined the shared commitment to freedom and democracy that animate the two countries, which he explained was important for peace and security in the region. Officials of Palau recalled that there are early references to Manila in Palauan language, attesting to the early travels between the Philippines and Palau. Both also have historical connections as former colonies of Spain.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano meets with the Minister of Education, Minister of Health, and Minister of Human Resources, Tourism and Development, Palau Community College, and the Palau National Scholarship Board

After her presentation of credentials, Ambassador Garcia-Albano called on the Minister of Education The Hon. Dr. Dale Jenkins. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Health The Hon. GaafarUherbelau, the Minister of Human Resources, Culture, tourism and Development The Hon. NgiraibelasTmetuchl, the President of the Palau Community College Mr. Patrick Tellei, and officials of the Palau National Scholarship Board.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano meets with officials of Palau Government

Ambassador Garcia-Albano with Minister of Health, Minister of Education, and Minister of Labor, Tourism and Development