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Schedule of Holidays for 2022

The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo will be closed to the public in observance of the following public holidays.

January 10 Monday Coming of Age Day JPN
February 11 Friday National Foundation Day JPN
February 23 Wednesday Emperor’s Birthday JPN
March 21 Monday Vernal Equinox Day JPN
April 14 Thursday Maundy Thursday PHL
April 15 Friday Good Friday PHL
April 29 Friday Showa Day JPN
May 03 Tuesday Constitution Memorial Day JPN
May 04 Wednesday Greenery Day JPN
May 05 Thursday Children’s Day JPN
June 10 Friday Independence Day PHL
July 18 Monday Marine Day JPN
August 29 Monday National Heroes Day PHL
September 19 Monday Respect for the Aged Day JPN
September 23 Friday Autumnal Equinox Day JPN
October 10 Monday Sports Day JPN
November 01 Tuesday All Saint’s Day PHL
November 30 Wednesday Bonifacio Day PHL
December 26 Monday Christmas Day PHL
December 30 Friday Rizal Day PHL

The above schedule does not include any unforeseen non-working holidays which may be declared by the Philippine and/or Japanese Governments, as and when necessary.

Tokyo, 09 November 2021