Please present the following documents to the Notarial Unit, Window 5:

  1. Philippine passport (original passport will be canceled and retained at the Embassy) – original and three (3) photocopies;
  1. PSA (formerly NSO)-issued Birth Certificate – original and two (2) photocopies;
  1. Proof of acquisition of foreign citizenship (e.g. certificate of naturalization or Kosekitohon with record of naturalization for Japanese) – original and three (3) photocopies;
  1. Foreign passport (if unavailable, present Driver’s License, National Health Insurance Card issued by Japanese Government after naturalization) – original and three (3) photocopies; and
  1. For those who have retained/re-acquired Philippine citizenship (dual citizens) under RA9225, submit Identification Certificate, Oath of Allegiance and Order of Approval (originals will be cancelled and retained at the Embassy) – original and two (2) photocopies.


  • Additional documentation may be required based on the documents presented and special circumstances of the applicant.
  • Bring one (1) self-addressed ¥510 letterpack envelope if you want the documents mailed to you.
  • All photocopies to be submitted must be printed on A-4 size paper.


  1. Submit requirements for assessment at Window 5, between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday to Friday except declared holidays.
  2. Fill-out and sign the declaration form
  3. Decide mode of release of documents
    1. pick-up or mailed (submit ¥510 letterpack envelope)
    2. regular or expedited processing
  4. Pay fees at the Cashier (See Updated Schedule of Fees
    1. ¥ 3,250 per document
    2. ¥ 1,300 additional fee for expedited release (if requested)
  5. Receive official receipt, tracking number and claiming stub


Release of document

Regular processing is three (3) working days after date of application. Expedited processing is released next working day, between 3:00 to 4:00 PM, for personal pick-up of documents


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