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¥5 Million New Year’s Gift from Yoko Ono to Ondoy Victims

Photo courtesy of Produce Centre Japan

Photo courtesy of Produce Centre Japan

Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon of the famed “Beatles” and herself an established artist, donated 5 million yen especially for children affected by typhoon Ondoy.

Ms. Ono learned about the very severe and continuing conditions of the Ondoy victims and decided to take action. As a mother herself, Ms. Ono feels deep sympathy and love for suffering children.

Ms. Yoko Ono-Lennon visited the Philippine Embassy in Fujimi, Tokyo and pledged the donation before Christmas. Accompanying her were representatives of international media including major Japanese newspapers and The Times of London.

Yoko Ono spent her childhood years in the magnificent mansion in Fujimi which later became the official residence of the Philippine Ambassador. The beautiful Iberian-style manor was built by her uncle Iwajiro Yasuda in 1934. He later sold the 5,000 square meter property to President Jose P. Laurel.

Iwajiro Yasuda was the grandson of Zenjiro Yasuda, a Japanese tycoon of that era. After World War II, the Republic of the Philippines purchased the property from the Laurel family. The historic mansion is now called the “Jewel of the Philippines.”

Ms. Ono said, “The Fujimi residence is very close to my heart and I consider it my home sweet home in Japan. I am therefore very grateful to the Philippine government for maintaining the house in a good condition all these years.”

Yoko Ono visits the Fujimi residence when she comes to Japan. John Lennon and their son, Sean Lennon also accompanied her in the past years.