Registration of Filipinos in Japan

NOTE: This is a free service offered to citizens of the Philippines living in Japan.

The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo invites all Filipinos residing in Japan to register their personal details and contact information online so we may communicate current and vital information regarding our services and activities, particularly in situations of extreme urgency such as during natural or man-made disasters.

Registration is voluntary. It’s free, fast, and simple.

Your personal information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL because your privacy is IMPORTANT to us.

The embassy will not disclose your personal information without due notification and authorization except in extreme circumstances where selected information about you need to be shared to protect your welfare.


The information you provide through this Online Registration system may be used to communicate vital information to you, and to contact and provide assistance to you in emergency situations. Please provide complete and accurate information requested during the registration.

After registration, please keep your information as current and up-to-date as possible by registering again whenever your contact details change.

Please indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions by checking the box below and clicking the ‘ACCEPT’ button.


  1. A working computer with internet access.
  2. A Web Browser with Javascript enabled (Internet Explorer ver.6 or higher / Mozilla Firefox ver.3.5 recommended)
  3. A valid and working email address to receive system-generated messages.

Please read the instructions carefully to ensure successful submission of your online registration.


STEP 1: Read this overview page completely and indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions by checking the box below then click 'ACCEPT' button.

Answers must use English characters only (Romaji).
STEP 2: Fill-up the online form by supplying the necessary information in the appropriate fields.

Click the [Submit] button at the end of the form to submit the information you provided.


The Embassy of the Philippines in Tokyo, Japan will not be responsible for any online registration which may be rejected by the system due to errors/misconfiguration/incompatibility of software and hardware of the computer used by the applicant for the online transaction, for any technical issues, settings, configurations, glitches, or connection downtime caused by the applicant's internet service provider or our own internet service provider, nor for any typographical mistakes, procedural errors committed by the applicant in the course of the registration.