NBI Clearance

The National Bureau of Investigation is the primary entity of the Philippine Government established for investigative services and laboratory research in relation to crimes and other offenses against the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. The same agency acts as the national clearing house of criminal records and issues a clearance certificate for all persons without criminal convictions in the Philippines.

Applicants for NBI clearance living in Japan can have their fingerprint impressions taken at the nearest Philippine consular office, and follow the procedures below:

        1. Fill-out the barcoded NBI Clearance Form which may be secured from the Identification and Records Division, 4/F, NBI Clearance Building, U.N. Avenue, Manila. Applicants may request their authorized representative in the Philippines to send the NBI form to them in Japan. Limited NBI clearance forms are also available at the Philippine Embassy.
        2. Submit one 2×2 full front-facing picture of the applicant, taken within the last 3 months against a white background.
        3. Present a minimum of two (2) valid identification documents and its photocopy. Acceptable documents include but are not limited to any two of the following:
          1. passport
          2. driver’s license
          3. voter’s ID card
          4. alien registration card
          5. PRC license
          6. SSS ID card
          7. GSIS UMID
          8. Postal ID
          9. Philhealth/health insurance card
          10. School ID

          For purposes of supporting the NBI clearance application, the following documents can also be submitted, in combination with the valid ID cards enumerated above:

          1. Previous copy of NBI clearance issued to the same applicant
          2. NSO-authentic birth certificate
          3. .Karehomen/immigration documents with photo, clearly indicating the full name of the applicant with personal details.
        4. Submit a letter of authorization for notarization, if a representative/relative in the Philippines will submit the NBI clearance application to the NBI on your behalf. (A separate, corresponding notarial fee will be collected from the applicant.)

Upon payment of the corresponding consular service fee, embassy personnel will take the applicant’s fingerprint impressions and return all documents back to the applicant.

In order for the clearance application form to be processed by the National Bureau of Investigation, it must be sent by the applicant to the Philippines via either of the two options below:

Option 1 – Through a Representative/Relative
The applicant sends the NBI clearance application form with supporting documents and notarized letter of authorization to his/her chosen representative in the Philippines. The representative will then submit the documents to the NBI and pay the NBI clearance processing fee. After the NBI-prescribed processing time, the same representative will claim the clearance for onward transmittal back to the applicant in Japan.

Relatives who are not residing in Manila can still submit the clearance application at any of the regional, district, and local government offices of the NBI, and at selected malls all over the Philippines. Details of the NBI’s offices can be obtained at http://www.nbi.gov.ph.

Option 2 – Direct Mail to the NBI
Applicants may also choose to send the NBI clearance application form with fingerprint impressions and supporting documents directly to the NBI by postal mail. Applicants should address the same to:

The Officer-in-Charge
Mailed Clearance Section
2/F NBI Clearance Building
United Nations Avenue, Ermita
Manila, Philippines 1000

Payment can be sent by cheque, payable to the NBI Director in Philippine currency amounting to two hundred pesos (P200.00) with drawee bank in the Philippines. Cash payments in US dollars are accepted, the amount of which must be equivalent to two hundred Philippine pesos.

The NBI will send the clearance certificate to the applicant by air mail.


  1. SERVICE FEE :  US$25
  2. NOTARIZATION FEE:  US$25 (only if applicable)

(See Schedule of Fees)

Note: The fee collected from the NBI clearance applicant at the embassy/consulate corresponds to the service fee for taking fingerprint impressions. It is NOT the NBI clearance processing fee. The NBI clearance processing fee is collected by the NBI in the Philippines.