Authentication Services

Before Authentication

Before applying for Authentication at the Embassy, please make sure that your documents are certified by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA or Gaimusho). Your documents may be classified into:

  1. Official documents, such as court decrees (shimpan-sho), police certification (Hanzai keireki shomeisho), family registry (koseki tohon) and other related issuances; and
  2. Private documents, such as legal instruments executed in Japan similar to statutory declarations, affidavits and power of attorney.

For information regarding the procedure for MOFA certification, please refer to:

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certification Section (Shomei-han)
2-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8919 Japan
Telephone No.: 03-3580-3311


  1. Japan MOFA certified documents and One (1) copy of every document for authentication in A4 size paper
  2. Valid ID of applicant/s or representatives (passport, residence card or Philippine/Japan driver’s license) and One (1) copy of valid ID in A4 size paper
  3. Authentication fee per document of ¥3,250. Additional ¥1,300 per document for express service
  4. One (1) self-addressed ¥510 Japan Post Letterpack envelope if release of documents is through mail

Procedure of Authentication


  1. Submit requirements for assessment at Window 5 between 9AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday, except holidays.
  2. Choose between Regular or Express release of documents:
    1. Regular-processed documents may be picked up at the Embassy or mailed to your address in Japan three (3) working days after date of application.
    2. Express-processed documents are available for pick up only on the next working day between 3 to 4 PM.
  3. Pay fees at the Cashier: (See updated Schedule of Fees)
    1. Authentication fee is ¥ 3,250 per document.
    2. If express service is requested, additional fee of ¥ 1,300 is charged per document.

    Please keep your official receipt, transaction form with details of release of your document, and letterpack tracking number if mode of release is through mail.

Important Reminders

  • Applicants must present a valid proof of identity, such as a passport
  • Applicants must submit the original document, relevant attachments, and a complete set of photocopies in A4-size paper;
  • Release date of documents is indicated on the applicant’s transaction form. For documents released by  mail, applicants will receive the documents 2-3 days after the release date. Please use Japan Post Letterpack reference number to track down documents; and
  • If the representative / agent apply on behalf of the applicant, the representative must submit a letter of authorization in English together with his/her IDs.

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