PHL Embassy Awards Certificates of Appreciation to J-Power and AFSJ for their Assistance to Filipino Students in Japan

14 August 2020 – The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo presented Certificates of Appreciation to Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-Power) and the Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ) during an online ceremony on 13 August 2020.

The online awarding ceremony was attended by J-Power officials from the International Business Development Department including Mr. Jun Harada, Director General, Mr. Manabu Murukami and Mr. Ishino. The other guests include Mr. Tomoo Shimbo, Chief Executive Officer of CBK Power Company Limited and Mr. Patrick Razo, President of AFSJ.

In the second week of June, the International Friendship Exchange Council informed the Embassy that the Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. or J-Power would like to support international students from the Philippines who are having financial difficulty due to Covid-19 situation in Japan.

J-Power started collaboration with AFSJ, an organization that specifically caters to Filipino students studying in Japan. The donation was successfully given by J-Power to AFSJ on 31 July 2020. AFSJ will now distribute the amount among the thirty-seven (37) identified Filipino student beneficiaries this month of August 2020.

In his remarks, Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V stated that “the Embassy arranged this simple online ceremony, not only to award Certificates of Appreciation to both J-Power and AFSJ, but also to recognize their philanthropic work and efforts that will greatly assist these 37 Filipino students facing financial difficulties while completing their studies in Japan.”

(Left Photo: Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V during the Online Awarding Ceremony;Upper Right Photo: Screenshot of the attendees: Upper left: Mr. Patrick Razo of AFSJ,Upper Right: Amb. Laurel, Lower Left: Mr. Ishino, Mr. Harada, Mr. Shimbo and Mr. Murukami)

J-Power’s relations with the Philippines started in the 1970s when it was commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Consulting Projects like the Cagayan Valley Rural Electrification Project. In 2005, J-Power and Sumitomo Corporation jointly acquired CBK Power. CBK power has dealings and an agreement with the National Power Corporation (NPC) with projects like the repair and upgrading of the Kalayaan Pumped Storage Plant.

Director General Harada of J-Power, in his remarks, explained this long history of J-Power’s relations with the Philippines. This is the reason why they are very pleased to have this donation to Filipinos, particularly to Filipino students. The Filipinos have been very kind to them throughout the years that they have been sending representatives to the Philippines. They also sympathize with the sacrifices of Filipino students leaving their families to pursue higher education abroad. Mr. Harada also hopes that students who are studying during these challenging and difficult times will become the future bridges to further strengthen the relations between the Philippines and Japan.