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Philippine Embassy in Tokyo Promotes Use Of Technology and Innovation In Government For The Post-Covid-19 Era

Philippine Embassy Chargé d’affaires, Robespierre L. Bolivar, delivers the welcome remarks during the International Learning Course of the CBILLS Program.

Philippine Embassy in Tokyo Chargé d’affaires Robespierre L. Bolivar delivered the welcome remarks during the opening ceremonies for the International Learning Course on Public Policy and Public Sector Leadership for the Legislative Staff of the Philippine Congress, held via videoconference on 26 October 2020.

In his remarks, Mr. Bolivar noted that while the COVID-19 pandemic affected people’s daily lives, it also provided an opportunity for governments to re-assess how they operate in crisis situations. He noted that government “must be more agile, more adaptive and more innovative in its approach to public service.”

CDA Bolivar also emphasized the critical role that technology plays in helping to build a more resilient government and society. He stressed that “we can no longer go back to business as usual. We are now keenly aware that the next global challenge could be just around the corner, and the way we govern must adapt to the times. We cannot allow challenges, such as pandemics, to stop government in its tracks… we must seriously consider deploying all tools at our disposal to ensure that we are able to serve everyone despite the challenges we face.”

Over 50 middle managers from the Philippine Senate and the House of Representatives are participating in the training program. Co-organized by the Development Academy of the Philippines and Japan’s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), the International Learning Course seeks to equip legislative staffers with a global perspective and skills in managing the foreign relations dimension of public policy and legislation.

More than 200 staff from both Houses of the Philippine Congress have been trained over the last 3 years of the training program.