Marubeni reaffirms its steady partnership with Philippines

Ambassador Laurel welcomes the designation of the new President and CEO of the Marubeni Philippines Corporation and discusses the current situation in the Philippines amid COVID-19.

Marubeni Corporation briefed Ambassador Laurel and Commercial Counsellor Dita Angara-Mathay of the current and upcoming projects in the Philippines.

Marubeni Corporation, represented by Marubeni Philippines Corporation President & CEO Mr. Shigeru Shimoda, General Manager of the Regional Coordination and Administration Department Mr. Hironori Hanada, Associate Senior Office of the Regional Coordination and Administration Department and General Manager of Asia and Oceania Team Mr. Takashi Tokunaga, and Regional Coordination and Administration Department of the Asia and Oceania Team Mr. Satoshi Kagaya.

Mr. Shimoda stated that the Philippines has a huge potential given its young population and their interest in technology. He also informed the Philippine Embassy of the launch of the COVID-19 testing in the Philippines through the joint venture company of Marubeni and LSI Medience Corporation, Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. Medi Linx continues to proactively support COVID-19 testing in the Philippines.

Marubeni is a major Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate that handles products and provides services in a broad range of business activities across wide-ranging fields, including lifestyle, ICT, food, consumer products, chemicals, energy, power plants, transportation, industrial machinery, finance and leasing.

In the Philippines, Marubeni is involved in various sectors such as domestic, import, export and offshore trade, turn-key project management, risk management, finance, logistics, Build-Operate-Transfer projects, joint ventures and investments in various industries such as telecommunications, information technology, power, agriculture, transportation, construction and metals.