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Ambassador Laurel’s Participation in Ambassadors’ Circle of Asia Society Japan Draws Attention to Right Moral Orientation in the Asian Century

©2022 Taishi Yokotsuka for Asia Society Japan
Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V is flanked by Ambassador Koji Haneda (left), Mr. Jesper Koll, Board of Director, Asia Society Japan and Ms. Sawako Hidaka, Executive Director, Asia Society Japan Center.

The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo participated for the first time in the Ambassadors’ Circle of the Asia Society Japan, with Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V drawing attention to the need for the right moral orientation in the Asian Century.

Speaking at the International House of Japan before members of the Asia Society Japan, a global hub in Tokyo dedicated to nurturing peace and development in Asia, Ambassador Laurel underlined the importance of traditional values in governance, with the unfolding of the Asian Century.

Ambassador Laurel said that as Asia re-emerges at the center of the world economy, governance should focus on values that prioritize the community more than the individual, encourage the peaceful settlement of disputes, place emphasis on education, and give importance to tolerance of diversity.

Underlining the need for countries to support one another, Ambassador Laurel cited Japan’s leadership role in international aid policy. He lauded Japan for recently setting the bar by contributing US$ 3.4 billion in support of the World Bank’s global poverty reduction programs. Ambassador Laurel also said that the Philippines continues to benefit from Japan’s beneficial presence, with Japan building the first subway in Manila.

Ambassador Laurel stressed that for a vigorous Asian Century to happen, Asia should transform itself from a passive participant in the debate on global rule making and a follower of rules, to an active member of the world community and a constructive rule maker.

Asia Society Japan Center forms part of the Asia Society, which was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd. Hon. Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, currently sits as the Society’s President and Chief Executive Officer.