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Gyosei Elementary School Students Turn Over JPY 250,000 for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Photo courtesy of Gyosei Shogakko.

(Tokyo – 10 April 2014) – Six months after the devastation wrought by super typhoon ‘Haiyan’ over the Philippines, the outpouring of support and financial assistance for the victims of this disaster still continue from the kind-hearted people of Japan.

Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez received the latest donation from a group of students of the Gyosei Shogakko, a prestigious Catholic elementary school for boys located close to the Official Residence of the Philippine Ambassador in Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku.

Accompanied by school Head Master Masayoshi Sato and teachers Masayoshi Hirano and Eiichi Okazawa, the young students read a message for the Philippines, addressed to the Philippine Ambassador as follows:

“To The Philippine Ambassador, Mr. Manuel Lopez:

Thank you very much for inviting us here. We are from Gyosei Elementary School, which is located in the middle of Nigo Han Zaka Slope. Our school is a Catholic Boys’ School established by French Missionaries.

Every month we contribute money to people in need. We call it the “Rice Ball Contribution Day.” On that day, we eat rice balls for lunch, and contribute the lunch money. Combined with the contribution on Ash Wednesday this March, we wish to help those who suffered from typhoon Yolanda. Our heart and prayers goes to them. Jesus Christ taught us to “Love thy neighbor.”

The Philippines is our neighbor. Please use this money for the people who need help.”

The students were able to raise a total of JPY 250,000 from their project.

Moved by the students’ concern and sympathy for the Filipino people, Ambassador Lopez thanked the young donors and their school officials for their kindness and assured them that their donation will be used in uplifting the lives of those who were affected by the calamity, particularly the children.

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